Foster resident for 50 years
Foster Town Council President 2010-2012
Foster Town Council Member 2014 - present
Volunteer Firefighter 1980.  Deputy Chief 1998-2001
Volunteer EMT 2003 to present

Self-employed General Contractor and business owner 2000 - present

Former Supervisor at St. Gobain Glass


Married to Heidi (Weston) Rogers for 20 years

My wife and I have 4 children and 6 grandchildren

I grew up in Foster on my family's dairy farm, milking 65 cows per day.  Up until 1989, our family was able to make a living as a dairy farm, but in 1989, it became clear that it was no longer possible to support the family on farming income.  It was a sad day when the herd was loaded onto trucks and sold.  


Growing up in this rural community, and through my experience as a Town Council member, I know first hand the challenges that small communities are faced with as a result of State mandates.  Many of the laws imposed by the legislature adversely affect rural Towns such as Foster, Scituate, Coventry and West Greenwich.  For example, a law was passed capping the amount of tax revenue cities and towns could generate from wind and solar energy projects, thereby limiting the amount of revenue which could be negotiated in a tax treaty.  I feel that this is unfair to our communities.

Having been an advocate for regionalization or consolidation of services among our small communities, as a Town Council member, I presented a proposal to consolidate Animal Control Services with the Town of Scituate, which passed, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars. My proposal to share Zoning Enforcement services was also implemented, saving the Town of Foster additional funds.

Because of my years of service as a volunteer firefighter and EMT and experience dealing with 911, I believe that there exists an opportunity to solve the mismanagement of the 911 funds AND to benefit cities and towns.

As a self-employed business owner and member of the Foster Town Council for 6 years, my experience in preparing and balancing budgets will be an asset as a member of the Rhode Island Senate.